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Research Course & Project

An Introduction to Mixed Methods Research

This course provides an introduction to the basics of mixed methods research, in the field of education and social sciences. It aims to help students develop and apply the necessary skills, while exploring and addressing character leadership challenges that may emerge in research and academic work. Throughout the course, students will actively participate in readings, discussions, practical exercises, and guided projects. The course will conclude with the creation of tangible outputs for presentation or publication, such as research posters or papers.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the concept and purpose of mixed methods research
  2. Acquire skills to plan and execute a mixed methods research project, including literature review, research ethics, data collection, data analysis, and writing
  3. Investigate quantitative data types and basic descriptive and inferential analysis
  4. Explore qualitative analysis techniques, such as thematic analysis
  5. Conduct research using real program evaluation data from Lead for Life
  6. Collaborate effectively within a research team using work management tools (like
  7. Use research software for qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods analysis (like EndNote, MaxQDA, and SPSS)
  8. Present your findings using editing and design software (like Canva, Piktochart, and Vyond)

Course Duration: July and August 2024
Approximately 2-4 hours per week (1-2 hours of Zoom discussion and 1-2 hours of reading)

Guided Research Project Options:
Option 1: September to December 2024
Option 2: January to April 2025
Approximately 3-5 hours of research work per week

Note: A greater investment of time and effort, even beyond the above minimum hours, will yield a more rewarding learning and work experience!

Upon completion of the course and project work, students may submit their work to apply for the HKU Credit for Out-of-classroom Learning Experience. This allows students to receive two academic credits to be reflected on their HKU transcript and Academic Attainment Profile (these credits do not count towards GPA or graduation requirements). For more information, please visit:

For students interested in the research course and project, please email Dr. Ling Hua Loon ( to register your interest by 20 June 2024. You will receive an invitation for a short Zoom chat to discuss further details. Please note that spaces are limited.

Course Leader:
Dr. Ling Hua Loon
Lead for Life Curriculum & Research Team